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Today's Pool Hours - 11a to 8p  
Canterbury Recreation Associaion
Pool Rules

We are excited to welcome you back to Canterbury for another Summer under normal operations! We appreciate your continued flexibility and understanding in the event of any guidance that may be issued by the CDC, the VDH, and the Governor of Virginia. Pool Management reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to close or make changes to the hours of operation at any time during the season, based on inclement weather, facility maintenance, safety, or seasonal staffing issues that may arise.

  • COVID-19: By entering CRA’s facilities, you attest that have not tested positive for COVID within the last 5 days. Please follow the Virginia Department of Health guidelines for isolation or quarantine if you test positive or have been exposed. If you have tested positive, even if you do not have symptoms, you should stay home for at least 5 days from the day you had your test done.
  • NO GLASS: NO GLASS OF ANY KIND is allowed on the premises! Broken glass, even on the pool deck, requires the pool to be drained and refilled. This is an expensive and time-consuming process that closes the pool for several days.
  • TOYS AND BALLS: While small pool toys and soft, sponge-like balls are allowed, they may not be thrown across the pool or deck, and may not be thrown during adult swim. No footballs or volleyballs. Please make sure that children understand these rules, which are for the safety and enjoyment of all our members.
  • FLOTATION DEVICES: Only US Coast Guard approved flotation devices (e.g. PuddleJumpers) are allowed. No floats, water wings, mermaid tails or any other non-USCG approved devices are allowed. If children are wearing an approved device they MUST be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times. This means that the adult in charge of the child is IN the pool with the child. Floats, rafts, and noodles are also not allowed, except as expressly stated for movie nights.
  • LAP LANE: The lap lane (the lane closest to the diving well) is available to lap swimmers on a first- come first-served basis. It is standard procedure for two people to be able to swim laps in the single lane at the same time, starting at opposite ends and swimming in opposite directions. Please make sure children understand the lap lane restriction.
  • DIVING BOARD AND SLIDE: Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board or slide. Children must be able to swim to the ladder from the diving board or slide on their own. Adults cannot jump or slide with children and adults cannot float in the water to catch a child after they go down the slide or off of the board. Do not jump of the diving board or go down the slide until the diving well is clear of swimmers.
  • ADULT SWIM: Our Adult Swim at the :45 mark of every hour is a mandatory safety break to give children under 18 a chance to rest. Close calls can occur when kids get overly tired in the pool without a break. We do not allow adults in the pool to throw balls back and forth with children on the pool deck during Adult Swim.
  • SWIM DIAPERS: Swim diapers are required for children who are not toilet trained. The pool has to close for at least one hour for chlorination due to accidents.
  • APPROPRIATE SWIMWEAR: Please observe our family-friendly swimwear policy that prohibits thongs or other overly-revealing swimwear. Members dressed inappropriately (determined at the discretion of the Pool Manager) will be asked to change into something appropriate, even if that means leaving the pool to do so.
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: We will continue to allow adults of legal drinking age to responsibly and discreetly enjoy alcoholic beverages on the pool deck (at your table or chair) after 4:00 p.m. as long as they are consumed in opaque, non-branded, non-glass containers. No food or beverages of any kind are allowed IN the pool or on the edge of the pool. The purpose of this policy is to permit alcohol for responsible personal consumption; kegs are expressly prohibited unless provided by CRA at CRA-sponsored or permitted events.
  • FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Please enjoy the food and beverage you bring from home or purchase at the snack bar at your table or chair. No food or beverages are allow in the pool or on the edge of the pool.
  • SWIM LESSONS: Swim lessons can be arranged through the Hatchlings program on our website at canterburyrec.org. Members who make arrangements for private swim coaching or lessons outside of the Hatchlings program are reminded that such sessions are not allowed to take place on weekend afternoons or holidays, nor may they take place during adult swim or in the lap lane.

Please take time to make sure your family understands and follows all rules, which are for the safety and enjoyment of all our members.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Angie Hutchison, Pool Manager.

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Canterbury Recreation Association: 1300 Pump Road, Henrico, VA  23238

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